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League of Women Voters Candidate Forum

Wednesday, October 24th, 7:00 pm
Jaffrey Civic Center, 40 Main Street, Jaffrey
Sponsored by the League of Women Voters

Peterborough Plus Unit of LWVNH: Antrim, Bennington, Dublin, Francestown, Greenfield, Hancock, Harrisville, Jaffrey, Peterborough, Sharon, Temple, Rindge, Fitzwilliam (ConVal, Harrisville, Jaffrey). The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan political organization dedicated to informing the voting public. Last month we hosted a successful pre-primary Candidate Forum for the 8 candidates running for State Senate in Districts 8 & 9.

You are invited to a Candidate Forum preceding the November 6th General Election for all those running to gain or retain house seats in the districts of our LWVNH unit (Peterborough Plus).


Candidates are allowed 2 minutes for opening statements. The format is called “candi-dating” or “speed-dating” to allow candidates to interact with as many voters as possible during the evening. LWV volunteers to keep a strict eye on time, to monitor the interaction between voters and candidates and to keep things moving. Questions will be in both verbal and written (pre-prepared) format.

No Video

Please note that video is not allowed at this forum, by candidates or guests. Campaign staff and the audience will be asked not to record the event. Selective posting of audio or video clips is prohibited by League of Women Voters protocols. Your acceptance of this invitation includes agreeing not to use video or audio clips for campaign purposes. Thank you.


Kate Coon, Chair, Peterborough Plus Unit, LWVNH
339-793-0686, kate2coon@gmail.com

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Fall Foliage Studio Art Tour

Meet Susan Silverman at her Five Wings Art Studio open house on Saturday afternoon!


Visit Susan Silverman’s “Five Wings Studio” and her husband Terry Silverman’s “Flameware Pottery” studio at the free open house this Saturday, Sunday and Monday!

Five Wings Studio: 67 East Lake Road, Fitzwilliam, NH

Flamewear Pottery: 312 Route 119, Fitzwilliam, NH


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